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10:12 [Comment From Michelle] Hello, Andrew and Jesse! Would you ever consider co-starring in another film together?
10:12 [Comment From Erica] Jesse, what is you favorite Andrew Garfield film? and Andrew, what is your favorite Jesse Eisenberg film? (My favorite is Red Riding and Adventureland!) =)
10:13 Jesse_Eisenberg: To Michelle and Erica: I would love to be in another movie with Andrew! It was a thrilling and challenging experience. I love andrew in everything I’ve seen him in.

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Cameron: It says “A Mark Zuckerberg Production”.

ANDREW: Jesse looks older in [the deposition] scenes. And especially in that scene, his face was — his face looks older, somehow. Like, he looks more relaxed. His face shifts constantly in this role, I think, he goes from being open, to vulnerable, to mostly guarded, to evil. Like he has this amazing, I don’t know, he’s able to kind of shift. Enigmatic.

(from The Social Network with commentary)

Jesse: “This scene, which I didn’t remember, but I was reminded by Andrew ‘cause Andrew told me that he said this in an interview about me: this chicken wouldn’t turn around. We had to get the chicken to face one way and it wouldn’t turn around and I guess I was studying Russian history at the time so I’d go talk about bolshevik revolutionaries to the chicken and only then would he turn around. And as an experiment I tried to talk about something else and the chicken wouldn’t turn around, (laughing) so Andrew kept telling me to talk about these obscure Russian revolutionaries and then the chicken would turn around. And we would joke that the chicken was so annoyed and bored with me that I was talking about this like very dry history that it would face away from me.”

Andrew: “He literally would sit down and ‘Well, what was interesting, in the turn of the century…’ and every single time the chicken would look at him and turn his back on Jess. And then we’d roll. That was kind of … (laughing) I don’t know how he discovered that, ‘cause Jesse’s weird.”

(from The Social Network with commentary)